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Mortgage Products Toronto
Finding the right mortgage solution to fit your needs is not just about finding the lowest interest rate. It is also about selecting the right product for your needs. At SAFEBRIDGE, we will help you sort through the mortgage products of over 30 mortgage lenders, until we are able to agree upon a mortgage solution that fits your financial goals. Once we have determined the most suitable mortgage product for you, shopping for the best priced mortgage rates in Canada will be second nature.

Let it be a variable or adjustable rate mortgage, a fixed term mortgage, an open or closed term mortgage, insured by CMHC, Genworth or AIG, a conventional mortgage or even a 2nd mortgage, SAFEBRIDGE can and will help you find that mortgage product that is most suitable for you.

We also have a team of mortgage specialists and a variety of lender/banks that can assist you with finding the mortgage product that fits your particular situation.

Such products include

  • Self-Employed mortgages – Do you report minimal income, but know that your credit is in decent shape? Do you have only 10% as a down payment or looking to refinance up to 90% of the property/appraised value (LTV)? You will be pleasantly surprised at how minimal documentation is required for approval.
  • New to Canada Mortgages – Do you have 25% as a down payment and applied for your landed status? Have you secured a full time position that earns you at least $60,000 and have at least 5% saved up for your down payment? If your fall into either of these two scenarios, then this mortgage is for you.
  • First-time Home Buyer Mortgages – Is monthly cash flow concerning you? Have you ever thought about stretching your amortization to 40 years? Do you require a 5% cash back to come up with your closing fees? Being a first time home buyer is not that scary anymore.
  • Zero-Down payment Mortgages – Do you have good credit but no money for a down payment? Are you a professional who recently graduated with a good salary but student loans are weighing you down? Look no further – this mortgage fits your needs like a glove.
  • Equity Based Mortgages – Good credit, bruised credit – it doesn’t matter. If you have at least 20% equity in your home, these mortgage products are for you.
  • Sub-Prime Mortgages – Do you have less than perfect credit? Has your bank turned you down? Have you been discharged from your bankruptcy or consumer proposal for at least 6 months? Well these mortgage products are for you.
  • Mortgages for Investment Properties – Multiple investment properties? Are you not maximizing your tax deductions? Is your bank afraid to lend you money for an additional rental property? If so, let us show you how easy it is to get approved on your investment properties.
  • Mortgages for Commercial Properties – Are you looking for finance solutions for the purchase of an apartment building? How about an Industrial or Retail Plaza? Let’s not forget those office buildings and store front units?
  • Mortgages for Vacation Properties – Looking to buy that cottage you have been eyeing for some time now? How about some land where you can build your own retirement home? Look no further.
  • Secured Line of Credits – HELOC – Is in investing in the stock market something that interests you? Looking to renovate your basement? How about consolidating some of those higher interest credit cards? You should know the answer by now…this is the mortgage product for you.

If you are interested in any of the above Mortgage Products, then please proceed to our mortgage application to request more information. One of our mortgage specialists will contact you within the next 24 business hours to begin the mortgage approval process.

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